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Wild Roses Painting

Marita gentryComment
Wild Roses Painting

"The artist is not a special kind of person, rather each person is a special kind of artist."

close up wild roses painting

Being an artist sometimes gets a lot of attention, but really each one of us is creative at something we do.  

The photo above is actually what I see when I am painting...lots of puddles of color.  I have decided that really what I do is push paint puddles around.  I work with fluid acrylics on canvas. I thin the fluid acrylic with water, create a puddle, sometimes I add more color, sometimes I let it dry.  I then repeat the process....over, and over, and over.  I look for places that need dark colors, places that need light color, and I just keep layering.  

It's this crazy process that keeps me fascinated.  Each artist has a process all their own.  Whether they are a painter, a cook, a homemaker, the process of creating is as individual as the person.  The product is wonderful (this painting made me very happy) but the process keeps my creativity alive and growing.  When I step back from the puddles and look at the painting. (smile) HAPPY! 

Painting by Marita Gentry ... Wild Roses

The above painting is called "Wild Roses" it is very large, a 36x48 canvas.  I actually LOVE working large even though I do smaller paintings a lot.  The most important thing is enjoying the process.  I hope that each person can see that they are an artist and enjoy the creative process of what you do.  Now....if you are a great cook, enjoying the product is right up my alley.  

The picture below is the  painting on my easel.   This painting is going to a gallery.  I would love to keep all my paintings, but I also love to find them wonderful homes.  I have just created an Etsy store.   Please visit.  I have original watercolor quotes, original paintings, and I have created prints of a few of my favorite paintings.  I hope you visit and enjoy.  

Remember, " Each person is a special kind of artist"  Enjoy the process! Have a great day!

Marita Gentry painting on easel