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New Year New Studio

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New Year New Studio

Well Hello,

I havent posted a blog in almost a year and a half.  Did I stop painting?  Have I given up my creative dream?   NO...

Brent and I built a new house!!  Yea! and I LOVE my new house. But while we built the house we were living in an apartment that would be my new art studio.  So basically I was without a place to paint for a year. That was actually very HARD.

Let me go back...Brent always had a dream of a music room. A room where musicians could gather and jam, or he could have small music parties.  So, before we built the house, we built his music room ( a 40x60 building...way bigger than our house) ha!  If the husband gets a music room the wife gets an art studio.  Part of the music room building is my studio.  It is a 20x20 room.  There is a small kitchen next door and a room we used for a a sewing room.  And, of course a bathroom. All this was built and finished before we started our house.  When we sold our old house we moved into the studio.  It took us about a year to build our house.  We built a pole barn and made it a house.(That is a completely different story for another time.)  I will be telling you about different parts of that experience in the future.

SO...we FINALLY moved into our new house and I had a blank studio. It was a bit daunting.  I had a studio I loved at our old house, but this new studio I had designed especially for my needs.  I had two walls of windows, 9 ft ceilings, white walls, light fixtures everywhere(there is no dark corners in this studio) but, now that it was ready to be a studio, I felt like it wasn't working. Did I have too many windows? Where could my desk go? Where should my easel go? The merry-go-round in my head was busy.

I did what I do best when I am trying to figure out a room.  I just kept sitting in it and thinking about what needs I had, what task I needed to do,  what supplies I had, and what kind of storage I needed. After reading many many many many blogs about other artist studios, looking at thousands (well maybe just a lot) of pinterest pictures... it started coming together.  Finally I knew what I wanted.

Now the tour...

My Happy Place

This is MY HAPPY PLACE.  This wall has my desk and my drawing table...and three lovely windows.

drawing table

A close up of my drawing table. Years ago (like 20) my dad built this for me.  I realized after a couple of years I needed storage under it and added all the shelves myself.  When I was working on the studio recently, I took the old top off (it was particle board and with all the water I use it was starting to swell) and put a new top on.  This top is made of finished grade plywood.  Very smooth.

Work Table

My work table...yep this is a Pinterest find.  I saw something similar on Pinterest and built this table myself.  I built it to be standing height.   My husband added the wheels.  I love this table. It is 4' wide and 6' long.  I love the storage underneath for canvases and paint.  This table  make me happy.

storage wall

My storage wall... got to love all those containers. Containers make me happy.  Its not perfect, but boy do I like all my supplies on one space. 

work station

I like to keep my table work station compact.  I want to be able to clear the top to lay a large painting on it.  

studio counter

The studio counter and sink area.  The sink will be at the far end.  Brent hasn't gotten to that honey do project yet(he has done so many I am OK with waiting).  I chose a basic support system for the counter because storing large canvases can be a problem.  I believe in stocking up when I buy them so I always have several waiting around to be painted

my esel

My easel...and a painting I am working on.  I bought this easel from the estate of a Baton Rouge artist several years ago.  It was well loved when I got it, but I have added a lot of mileage to it also.  I love to collect things with stories.  My last studio had 8 ft ceilings, I had to take the wheels off the easel and I could never really stand it up.  Now I can do anything I need to with it. Happy happy.

The comfy couch

My happy place to sit...the comfy couch.  This is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. I got it years ago at an antique action.  It is the perfect studio couch.  I recently recovered it...OF course. This stripe finally got me inspired to move forward on the studio.  I love the happy colors and it adds a great pop of color to the studio.

I have bookcases on both sides that stretch the length of the wall.  I keep books on art, all the pieces and parts to the books I have illustrated and much more stored in these shelves.

I choose white for the walls because reflected light can show up in your paintings.  White walls and some really great daylight light bulbs give me the option to work at night. It isn't as great as daylight, but its pretty good. 

Well that is the penny tour.  I am really happy with how this space turned out. I am ready to paint on a regular basis and spend some serious time in this happy place of mine.  I am very thankful I have a place to create and doodle.  I have a strong belief that each person should have a room, a corner, some space that is all their own. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed it.